Think about getting out of your own way!

I have been realizing that it’s never really done or lost, until you’ve done all that you could; which most of the time if i am honest with myself and my efforts towards goals in general or life, i don’t think  we pause enough and take the time to see what we could be doing wrong.

After a few times of catching myself not doing something totally right, and wanting to start to complain of how things were wrong, i have realized that many times, all i need to do was to take a step back and reevaluate myself and see if there wasn’t anything i was missing and many times that has solved things right in there and i have been able to go on my merry way. 🙂

I first started learning this lesson with manual guides, products’ instruction guides you know while putting things together; that i didn’t need to do things the way i THOUGHT they needed to be and by just following seemingly stupid instructions, was the way of solving whatever was in front of me. After many encounters with my stubbornness, i quickly learned that lesson and as a result have become meeker in my ‘following instructions’ and as a result more effective in getting things done!

However this lesson does not only apply to assembling of things but could also be applied to broader things, i.e. how we live our lives, look at things and even interpret things in general. If we would pause at our frustrations and really take a look at what we could be missing, I am sure we will discover our way out of our frustrations with things or life.

What if? it’s not over until, you have paused to figure out what is really going on and as a result find your answer!?

Ponder on this my friend, as i have…

I will talk to you soon,

Esther, Xo!