A Bold Move!

I wanted to recount my recent act of courage (or my passion for forward movement) this past Thursday July 11th here in the city of Fort Worth, TX. As God (or the universe) will have it leading up to this event,  I had come across the passionate work of talented entrepreneur Dean Graziosi over the internet and even been offered his latest incredible book “Millionaire Success Habits” for free (minus S&H) which i kept putting off, i don’t know whether that was due to a fear of success that i believe may still be an internal struggle (a subject for another post ).

However thankfully to their commitment to engage and serve, i kept getting their communications and finally got invited to their upcoming live events happening in my local town. Bam! Just what i need to finally engage and give in to this man’s work and offer. I acted, registered and attended a powerful 2 hrs event followed by a workshop invitation to potentially change mine and others’ financial life! Not to mention the incredible book “Millionaire Success Habits” which was also offered for free!!

I cannot wait to see where this incredible opportunity and connection takes me to. I cannot wait to dive in in this treasure book, but also attend their incredible financial workshop in the near future!

I took the time to say all of this to illustrate that you never know what a genuine invitation and the faith to step out in the unknown will bring about! Had i not took on this offer and said yes, i wouldn’t have discovered what really laid out on the other side and all of the free offers that came with it!

Stay hungry, curious and most importantly don’t lose your child-like faith and enthusiasm in life! 😉😀


Esther, xo!