This page is dedicated to organizations and causes i am connected with, due to shared values or missions. I am sharing some of them below here, feel free to contact me if you are interested or share with someone who would love to know about it.

It is my pleasure to connect myself and others to worthy causes whether it is for your entrepreneurial goals or charity around the world. Please let us know, if you would like to partner with us through our contact page.

I would like to highlight one of the great organizations I am a part of, being my church family of Calvary Life Dallas-Fort Worth campus. The way I became involved with the church was almost a random encounter from God with my now mentor who is the associate pastor along with her husband, from that encounter we stayed connected and one year later in 2018 i felt called to attend Calvary DFW more regularly as my home church.

I, soon after, started serving in the youth’s ministry which was a pleasure to pour into the kids. It did not stop there however and I was honored to be a part of the church’s women’s ministry SHINE brand new mentorship program which started in July 2019 as the youngest council member, thankful to no other than my mentor and friend whom God made me crossed paths with. I am also responsible of the resources part of our mentorship program, as serious as these roles are, I also am thankful to God for his faithfulness over our lives.

The SHINE mentorship kicked off this year, and to witness the bond, growth, and love that is happening among the women including myself is so encouraging and healing.

If you would like to know more about the SHINE ministry and  the mentorship program, or would like to be involved in any capacity, I would love to offer you more details about the program. 

Another collaboration that I would love to share which is also dear to my heart, being from my native country, of the DR Congo, it is a non-denominational Christian organization (MAARI abbreviated in French) that is dedicated to positively impacting disadvantaged populations including children, orphans and other vulnerable adults in one of the most unstable region of the DR Congo in the East, as the Congo rises up from its ashes of years of civil war, MAARI’s mission counts to stand in the gap to rebuild and intervene in these areas: spiritual, social, economic, educational and psychological . Their work will not only impact future generations in the Congo, but ultimately our world, i believe personally. I have seen proofs of their effective and efficient work within just their first year, for example through their back-to-school campaigns for the most needy in the region.

For just over $100 you can sponsor a disadvantaged child’s full year school fees including their school supplies. To support this cause and or sponsor a school child send me an email through our contact page with your interest. You can check out and contact the organization Facebook page here (website coming soon).