I am passionate about serving others and to utilize my numerous life experiences, my professional background in the human services field as well as my Christian spiritual walk of over 17 years to make a positive change in others.

Areas of Coaching:

Knowing and Finding your True Purpose

By knowing your true purpose you will be able navigate through the ups and downs of life with much ease and live a much fulfilling life, personally, professionally as well as spiritually.

Relationship Matters

It’s a painful to have had a failed relationship, but even with the best intentions, life and relationship can take its toll, i would like to teach you the lessons learned in my failed marriage relationship and allow you to avoid similar pitfalls

Youth Empowerment

I have a true passion for our youths and believe they have unlimited potential if well nurtured and educated, they have the potential to become whoever and do whatever they were intended to accomplish. I would like to advise youths to tap into their great potential.


Personal coaching will be done on 1 on 1 and sessions broken down from 45 minutes to hourly sessions.

1. Length of Coaching

  • Free 15 minutes phone or video consultation
  • 30-45 minutes phone/video consultation
  • 1 week-3 weeks 
  • 1 -3 month 
  • 6 months to 12 months (commitment)

2. Agreement

Agreement will be made after the first consultation depending on the client’s needs.

3. Secure Your Spot

To schedule your first consultation click my calendar link below. You can also get in contact with us by email at [email protected] with any of your coaching and business inquiries.

4. Payment:

  • Payment must be received and secured before consultation session and thereafter agreement will be made for continued coaching and consultation services.
  • Paypal, Zelle, Facebook and other secure payments are accepted (as agreed by the owner/coach).
  • Only a free consultation of 15 minutes is allowed and no refunds of a full session of 30-45 minutes is allowed.

I look forward to serving you!



My clients intake is limited and only those that are the best fit will be taken in, however I am connected to other incredible coaches and professionals that I will be glad to refer clients to.