Me looking at a Sunflower.



I wanted to take the time to reflect on my birthday this past month on October 19th. This year, I sensed the word ‘rest’ in my spirit. I turned 33 years young (right!?) and the only other thing I can relate it to is the Lord Jesus Christ finishing his mission here on earth also at age 33. The word ‘rest’ is a beautiful word to strive towards to. It will mean that I will not rely on me but on God for all that concerns me. It is easier said than done, however. Here are some of the ways I count on implementing the word ‘rest’ in my daily living:

1. Prayer: Nothing beats intimate time in prayer with God, once you  start seeing the results; you grow more in your spiritual walk with God and experience more of Him and so I do this daily i.e. at night and throughout the day as the Lord leads.


2. Emotional well-being: I will do this by practicing self-compassion and patience towards myself and others, which means not being self-critical and judgemental towards myself or others which lessen stress


3, Physical well-being: I count on taking care of myself in this manner by adding more physical activity on the daily-weekly basis which helps with emotional health as well as the health of my body. Also making sure that including one’s appearance.


4. Social Life: In this area I will lean on to my social support system, receiving support as I also give it. Making sure that it is growing positively.


Bonus 5. Positivity: As the mind goes so does one’s life ultimately. The power of positivity can not be said enough and so we all should continue to grow positive minds and attitudes to empower and grow our lives.


I hope and pray this has been helpful and inspiring to you. Feel free to share with me in the comments how you count on making this year more successful and empowering it to you.


Thanks for your support as I am always here ready to support you also.


Esther, xo!

Founder of Majestha


P.S. Below are some of my B-Day photoshoot photos enjoy! 🙂