Hi There,

Welcome to my world and space, I am Esther Lemande (pronounced: Le-man-di), the lady behind this site. I believe i have led a very multi-faceted  life experiences in my 32 years (celebrated last October) of life which can get hard to sum up but here’s an attempt.

I live by the motto: “Live, Love & Learn” and that has been a true guide in my life thus far!  I am also thankful for the strength that my Christian faith has provided me in navigating the ups and downs of life. A faith walk that has been adventurous and humbling for over half of my life.

I decided that i will share some of the details of my life in an ‘interesting facts’ listed below:

  1. I was born and raised in D.R. Congo (Kinshasa) until age 12
  2. Up until age 12 years old we moved pretty much every 2-3 years throughout Congo due to my father being a military officer.
  3. I and our family moved to Rwanda (East Africa) for 4.5yrs beautiful and pretty formative years
  4. Consequently i speak over 4 languages
  5. Our family and I relocated to the US, (Baltimore, MD) in my late teens, as our new adopted country!
  6. I came to know the Lord at age 13 years
  7. I was called by God in ministry at age 21 years & was shortly proposed to marriage.
  8. I went through a tumultuous marriage relationship for almost 10 years (on and off)
  9. I found my other passion serving children and youth in the foster care system of the State of Texas.
  10. I remain living in Texas for the past 3 years and continuing to pursue my life calling and everything else God has for me!


Now that you have heard the interesting facts about my life and background, I would like to connect and see how I could be of service to you. Reach out to me on our contact page! 🙂